Thursday, December 31, 2009

You got that right

Happy new year everyone :) My new year's resolution is to make 2010 hundred times better than 2009. Fingers crossed. Last year's didn't pretty much succeed in .

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I want nobody nobody but you

So school holiday is merely about 1 week from now. It's time to freshen everything up. Get ready and all that, yup everyone is so freakingly excited about it but not me apparently. Well to tell you the truth, I honestly am not prepared to go to school. Ergh I hate this feeling, you know the feeling that when you are happily on a holiday, and having a fantastic bombastic tic tic tic time with your family and friends, and you completely forget everything about school and study, then the next thing you know, you've got school to go to, then you feel all worried about it trying to remember any homework that should be done, yup that feeling I'm talking about. Always happen to me every time.

So here's a story I would like to share since I want to vent so bad. It started off when I wanted to pay for a book. It's at Syamaltra in case you wanna know, to those who don't know what it is, it's a bookshop well obviously, and famous one I think well at least here in Subang. The weather was nice. Aaha why the hell am I talking about the weather? So moving on, I was in a queue, the second one. So when the first customer was about to leave and I, myself, was about to pay, then came this snobbish lady and merrily cut my line without even asking me, (just because you had your books on the front table, doesn't mean you're in the queue). WTHM? She has like 3 children and all of them were so effing busy choosing their new books and the cashier was too plain stupid to not let me pay first, hello satu buku je kot? 1 minit pon tak sampai. And there were so many people behind me waiting to pay. So yeah I had to wait for what, 5 minutes? NO you kidding me?? I had to wait for 20 freaking minutes to finally pay for ONE freaking boooooook and a ruler. Ahaha. So I had 20 fabulous minutes with that woman wei. Well I'm not gonna tell it here. It would be not so nice of me to write it all here. YES I know I can hear you, don't blame me if I was too chicken to confront that woman, okay maybe I was. What would you do if you were in my place? She acted as tho she's the BOSS. And I am just a small tiny little girl (you can add cute as well HAHA) with an innocent face :( HAHA SO NOT. I stared at them in disgust and tried to give them a 'beautiful' stare as beauty as I can :) FML. The end.

Monday, December 28, 2009

So perfectly

A college class was told they had to write a short story in as few words as possible. The instructions were :

The short story had to contain the following three things:

(1) Religion
(2) Sexuality
(3) Mystery

Below is the only A+ short story in the entire class.

"Good God, I'm pregnant; I wonder who did it."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Everything is all right

Hi, so like I've said before, I'm doing a movie marathon starting yesterday. So today's movie was The Proposal. I love Sandra Bullock, I like the way she acts, she's incredibly hilarious and funny. Then the handsome guy, Ryan Reynolds, looked really familiar to me. So went to IMDB (I always go to this website when ever I feel like searching for something about a movie or actor which is of course, due to my curiosity) Well it turned out that he was the guy in The Amityville Horror. That movie reeeeeeeeally scared the hell out of me, you guys should see the movie. It took me months to get over it yeah I was a chicken so what. And I can barely recognize him because he was so ugly back then with beard all over his face. No matter what, he's still hot. Oh my.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are going round in circles

Hye erkk okay I really don't feel comfortable now :/ It's about something. Something you surely do not wanna know. So lets leave it all behind shall we? Slept kind of late last night. I miss those moments. Starting next year, I can't go online as often as I am now. Next year might be a very tiring and exhausting year, filled with school and tuition, hope there will be enough rest too. I'll have to learn to manage my time, follow each and every time table done, which I've never followed one before. I have to be more disciplined, ceh. I feel like eating Snow Flake, which Aimie introduced it to me. Marvelous. It's a taiwanese dessert. I don't wanna talk about it, it makes my mouth waters. So moving on, I'm not planing to go anywhere right now. I just wanna cherish my moment at home haha. 1 year left baby, then it's over! No more school, but somehow, I'm still gonna miss it. Haha shut up azma, it's not even over yet. Oh and one more thing, I feel like doing movie marathon. LOL. Watch all movies I love, some of them I don't even mind to watch it twice or thrice. Since I only have 2 more weeks left, I've got to do every single thing while I can. While there is still time. Time huh? It scares me everytime I think about it. Whatever. So today woke up around 11. When I woke up, I felt like just 5 minutes ago that it was 9 o'clock. So now it's 1 o' clock something, and I still haven't had breakfast or lunch. I'm thinking about ordering Mcdonald's later. I love oreo mudpie! It's back now. So I'm gonna buy it every day. NOT. Gila ke apa ? Kencing manis aku.

I don't understand you

Hye, I had nothing to do today. Woke up around 9 something. Went downstairs and then played with Fareeq then went back upstairs, locked myself in my room, did something I'm not supposed to tell then took a shower then went online for a few minutes then picked a movie to watch, went downstairs to watch it, it was My Sister's Keeper. It's a sad movie. So there was Cameron Diaz and Abigail I can't remember her name is, so many familiar faces, the one who plays as Horatio's son in CSI Miami, and the gorgeous hotstuff from Sarah Connor Chronicles. THOMAS DEKKER! HE'S FRIGGIN DOT DOT DOT. I want to hug him. He reminds me of Jesse Mccartney, my long lost boyfriend HAHAHAHA Okay whatever, after that, I saw Ben 10 the movie in the drawer and then decided to watch it since Ben 10 is ,you could say good looking btw I don't watch Ben 10 the cartoon okay. They could have done it better I guess. Oh and then there was this guy named Kevin, whoa I like his super power. Then Ila texted me. Ahahaha I'm happy for her. Then decided to go to her house to copy pictures from Prot Dickson. Then ate burger. Yummylicious. Then here I am, in front of this computer. Bye bye.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What a small world

I was googling my name on google, you can tell that I was really bored. And poooff, I found this. Eeeeeeerk, apparently, someone actually has the same name as mine. Well hello stranger.  

Monday, December 21, 2009

We belong together

Mariah carey has a great powerful voice.

You cut me open and I keep, keep bleeding love

Yo what's up homie? AHAHAHA. I'm great thanks for asking. So how are you doing? Oh not good? Well I'm so sorry, is there anything that I can help you with? :) No? Okay you can ask me anything you want later. I've got your back :)

What the hell am I doing? Talking to myself. Duhh. Haha whatever. Anyways, I just got back from Prot Dickson! It was awesome! I had fun :) Pictures? Later. If I didn't upload it here, then you can check out my facebook (but not now).

 <-- rainbow

Trying to imitate people. Ha ha HA.

Meet Ili Syazana (Ili) and Ili Nabilah (Ila/Ili best) and Moi (Azma great)(Hahaha)

2 weeks left :(

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gonna live like we're dying

Sometimes, when I'm bored or something, I always go to this website where we can chat with strangers and yeah I've met so many friendly people around the globe lol from here to there to anywhere and everywhere ahaa. I like making friends, and you don't really have to be so shy cause they can't see you so that's the best part and one thing for sure, chatting with strangers is much more better than chatting with some of your friends. Haha kidding. Since no one wants to chat with me, so I'd rather go to that chatting room and whatever la.

Well you know, as hard as it may seem, I'll have to learn to accept the fact that... whaaaaaatever. It's okay that's totally fine with me now, you can have it your way. Remember my promise to you? Yeah I guess I've broken it and I'm sorry, it won't happen again so you don't have to worry alright? :) and I'll keep my promise this time. You can go on with your life with whatever way you want. I should have known that it's going to be like this. I mean like, what was I thinking? You don't care anymore, at all. Isn't it funny (or you could say pathetic), that how every painful words you've said to me, I still care about you and still miss you and us.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It chills me to the bone

Hye, I just took a shower just now and ahhhh it was so refreshing :) It's been ages since I last showered ahaha like 10 hours ago? Okay whatever. So about my previous post, I was in Kelantan. My god, like so many nyamuk okay. As in literally. Every where I go and there will be nyamuk too. They didn't even bite my parents nor my sister. They ONLY bit me as if I have the sweetest blood ever. What can I say, they really love me. Haha I love you too. Damn you mosquitoes. Okay when I was about to take my shower, then I saw my retainer, sitting there all alone waiting for me to wear it. Only god knows how long have I left it, so I decided to wear it again, poor you little thing, and my my it was damn tight and kind of painful (well not anymore). Yeah of course my teeth were sort of not-in-a-place-where-it-should-be so that explains why it was painful. So to all gigi besis/braces owners out there, always wear your retainer and don't ever leave it or you're gonna regret like me. Ahaha.

Anyway, I was supposed to sleepover at Ila's today well I guess today's my not-so-lucky-day. No one's willing to take me there cause they're just too lazy to move their butts. Ahhh whatever maybe next time? Aaaaaaand oh my god, is it me or the time that makes me so nervous? I'll blame the time. No waaay, 3 weeks left til the school opens back. I don't wanna go to schoooool! I'm not ready for SPM.

P.s. Iloveyou.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I think I'm having a heart attack



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I guess I misunderstood

Hye, Alya came to my house just now and we started playing something funny hahahaha it's a chatting thingy,  so... just read it. LOL.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: yo
You: are you robert pattinson?
You: im from detroit
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hi
You: im from detroit
You: you?
You: aare you rpatz?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi
You: hoi
You: hola
You: muchas gracias
You: im from detroit
You: you?
You: are you taylor lautner?
You: faster
Stranger: no
You: why?
You: i want taytay!
Stranger: wtf u saidin
You: kurang ajar kau
You: saidin tu datuk kau lah bodoh
Stranger: i dont speak nigger
You: thatt aint nigger fucker
You: what?
Stranger: lol
Stranger: i fuckin with cha
You: are u chicker?
You: chicken*
Stranger: im dog
You: not cool
Stranger: why not
You: i cant wait for xmas
You: i loooveee roasted turkey
You: with eggnog
Stranger: my to so i can go rob a store
You: sure
You: me too
You: lets rob together
You: wait? 
You: rob pattisn?
Stranger: where u from
Stranger: we can met up at me place
You: the sin city
Stranger: that too far
Stranger: fly down here
You: detroit
You where u from?
Stranger: tx
You: oh me to
You: texas?
Stranger: yes
You: not cool
You: i love hotdogs
Stranger: lol
You: what lol
You: not funny
You: blood

HAHAHAHAHA well there's more. Some were racist (not worth talking to them). So everyone was afraid with us. Cause we said we're from Detroit. HAHA. Don't know what's Detroit? Well, detroit is a place where most of the gangsters live.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nothing lasts forever

I've been having a lot of dreams these days. One of the best ones I must say. But they don't happen in reality. It sucks, totally sucks. But I least I could feel and taste it every time I sleep (sometimes). Life is great, right? Haha.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

This is hard

Haha sounds like a desperadoo, LOL


ZacK zik says:
weh, hi
tgh buat apa??
azmalihah . says:
ZacK zik says:
azmalihah . says:
wah first time tegur aku
ZacK zik says:
mana ada
selalu je.
azmalihah . says:
aku lg byk
ZacK zik says:
what ever
azmalihah . says:
so nk apa ni?
ZacK zik says:
azmalihah . says:
bila nk klua?
kau selalu offf jee
ZacK zik says:
tak tahu lagi.
sngguh sedih aku mendgr cerita bibik kau.
sngt lucu.
azmalihah . says:
haha tau tkpe
ZacK zik says:
and sngt mengimbau memori lampau cerita kau pasal raja and sooo on
azmalihah . says:
haha teruskan kau
ZacK zik says:
azmalihah . says:
kau buat apa?
ZacK zik says:
baca blog kau.
gila comel kaki fareeq
azmalihah . says:
haha kau bila nk dtg tgk dia ?
ZacK zik says:
malu je dtg rmh kau.
mak kau dah laa ada
azmalihah . says:
hek eleh
lepak lah
dtg je buat mcm rmh sndri
ZacK zik says:
bpk sgan.
tgk ahh.
eyheyh, kau dah jumpa kawan remp it??
okay ahh.
esk ada app.
azmalihah . says: siottttt -.-

Friday, December 4, 2009

Silly me to believe

Allison Iraheta - Friday I'll be over you

I love Allison Iraheta since the beginning.

So far so great

In my previous post I just mentioned about my maid. Here's a little detail about her.

Her name is Sopiya/Sofiya (I'm not sure) but I call her Kak Sopi. She came here all the way from Medan and arrived here on Friday, 13th November 2009. Yeah I remember that cause I skipped school that day. She's 24 and married already and has 1 son. At first, I thought she was the unfriendly type cause she was like didn't really talk much but I was so wrong. She loves to talk okay, and she's the happy go lucky type. Maybe at that time, she was shy.

And with Fareeq here and lots of house works need to be done, of course my mum couldn't do it all by herself so that's why my parents hired kak sopi. Mama's life starting to get a litlte easier with kak sopi around. She can cook while kak sopi babysits Fareeq. I could tell that she's doing her job sincerely, maybe because she misses her son. She doesn't complain a thing.

One day, she asked my parents if we could buy a handphone for her using her first salary. So yeah my brother bought it, and she likes it. Cause it has camera, and music player. I saw her phone and she puts her son's picture as a wallpaper, aww. There was this one time me and my sister wanted to go to Subang Parade and she asked if we could buy her headset. So we bought it.

So here's a thing (in kak sopi's case), she had to do a medical check up before she went to Malaysia and once she's there, she will have to do the medical check up again. So just now, my brother took her to the clinic and guess what? She's pregnant for 4 months! Well congratulations then. But trust me, there is no sign that shows she's pregnant. It's too sad that we have to send her back, cause I didn't have a chance to get to know her well. I was thinking of asking her some random questions the next month haha I don't why, but it's too late now. My mother was like, aiyooo Sopi mcm mana nii. And the others were like, haha mama baru je nak goyang kaki. Well we don't blame her for this. It's her rezeki.  

You really turn me on

Last night I went through my pictures, old pictures and I saw this. I really miss this moment a lot. It was taken last year by Camyla. All of us (alya, raja, khaulah, camyla and me of course) slept over at Alya's cause there was a PMR seminar. We really had a great time together. I still remember that time, I saw someone whom I dreamed about them every Friday. HAHA bloody stupid. I couldn't wait for Fridays to come but sadly it only lasted for 3 times. So yeah I'm over it. Okay whatever lets skip this part.

The seminar was held for 2 days and on the first day I can't remember what time it ended but what I know is, Alya's parents came to pick us up and then we headed to surau since it's really late and after that we enjoyed goreng pisang lembik which is really sedap okay. Alya's family's favourite.

So this is me and Camyla, kacau-ing Raja. Haha.

 Alya really wanted to take picture with Aliya phonebooth and so she got it, haha. By the way, that goreng pisang stall is located around here in TTDI.

Later that night, we went to Noodle Station for dinner. Alya and Camyla.

Raja, Me, Khaulah. Look, how fat I was am.

So last night I dreamed of Raja, because of the photos I saw. I miss you lah. You still remember at the hostel every Sunday you will bring nasi goreng pataya and ayam goreng kampung and we will eat together? Sedap gilaaa. And then every night after prep we'll go to the canteen to buy nasi goreng and horlicks?

 Yeah I know, this story is so last year. I write it here because I want to remember this.

P.s. As you can see, my blog is all stratched out, I'm doing anything I can to use every single space here so it wont look empty.

You're a vegetable

Hello world, I just wanted to share something that

*drumrolls please.





Yeah I know, it sucks but I'm not ashamed of it but instead I'm kind of proud with myself (yeah of course my parents don't) cause I did it all by myself without copying other people's work (last time I had my exam, I copied someone, haha shh). I'd tried really hard but that's all I got. Luck was not on my side I guess, hahaha. There is still hope though, it's never too late (for now).

Chemistry and Bio? Haha I gave up on that before so that's why I failed, I honestly don't understand what the teachers taught me, it's my fault, can't blame the teacher right? So now it's time to freshen everything up. HAHA.

 P.s. Yes Azrinaa I really can't wait for you guys to finish SPM and then we can go hoohaa (LOL). Good luck for your last paper. Haha.

Boy you amaze me

Shit, I'm so bored. I have nothing to do at home. Cause everyone's not here (working) except for my mother and my maid (she's kind of new here she's nice) and Fareeq of course, he's so adorable, I love to bite him (haha) cause I've always thought I'm a vampire, okay not.. never mind aand guess what? He won't cry at all because he loves me, duhh, HAHA. My sister is on practical now until May. Like sooo long. If she didn't have to go to work, then I would probably have hung out with her already. My cousin's busy with SPM now. So I'll have to wait for her until SPM's over.

This is a part of Fareeq (which is his leg), I personally think that his leg looks like a drumstick or a chicken wing. Lol.

Situations are critical

Dear you,
I miss you but yeah of course you don't know that.
Or even if you knew it, you'd probably don't even care about it at all.
Things are different now, okay. How stupid..... and pathetic. 
I guess I'll just have to learn to accept it.
What's up? Happy holiday. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black out

oh no, page under construction. later la

okay done