Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amazing Stupidity

The stupid, unwise, idiotic, foolish, absurd,
ridiculous (whatever) dinner was a catastrophe .
Go ahead, laugh at us. I don't care.
I shouldn't have joined the committee.
Sorry but it's the truth. And I must not lie.
But on the bright side, most of the guest enjoyed the dinner.
(I think?)
Thanks for coming to the dinner, mates!

After 1 month and a half of planning this dinner,
and all the playful discussions we had,
and never been so serious about this event,
the dinner was a disaster.
yes. padan muka kami. yeah yeah !
sorry again. sorry sorry sorry.
gelak la lagi.

sorrowful, stupid, annoyed, irritated, furious, unhappy,
dejected, depressed, stressful, miserable, glum, regretful,
what else do I have to suffer?

But yesterday, went to pyramid with alya and khaulah!
Yes yes we did take pictures of course <3 hahaha
Watched Inkheart, it's been so long I haven't seen a movie.

And later that night, Alya came to sleep over at my house.
Alya did her add maths and we talked about many stuffs.
then, Haha SAYANGku call xD. Terasa calming and cheer up sikit. haha LOL.
Penuh dgn lecturer-nya. But tak sedar-sedar lagi. HIhi :DD

*click to enlarge the picture*

Apart from that,
I hate my class this year. I don't know why I took pure science.
Oh my god the class is damn annoying.
It's like every single minute the nerdies,
brain-iacs will go like ,'shhh!'
Can you imagine that?
The only reason I survive in that class is because of
Paein, Nina, Alya Razif, Iwani, Effa and Maznie are in that class.
Thanks I love you guys. <3

I feel like I want to scream like heell.
I maybe look happy but deep down inside, only God knows.


and and on the previous friday night,
my cousins are going to overseas to further their studies.
Ili (Melbourne) and Kuanne (Switzerland).
so they had a doa selamat and all that.
and met with cousins! hahaha.
So there were ila, iznie, and azrina and aimie, ili.
But we didn't talk that much with aimie and ili
because aimie had works to do and ili was with her friends.
We chatted about like everything.
haha like azrina said, from parents, to friends, to boys.
and school haha
credits to azrina and iznie for the pics. hehe. thankiu <3

from left : iznie, my angah, azrina, ila and me :)

fin. End of story.

OMG mcm babii beranak kembar siam 10 bodoh. --(zikri ajar)
babi punya speechless lah.
Something unexpected just happened.
(sorry for the cursing)
And I will say no more about that.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Happy 16th Birthday my dearest, Alya Farzana !

Name : Alya Farzana Shamshul Ariffin
Age : 16
D.O.B : 11th January 1993
Status : dot dot dot. hehe

Saturday, 101109, 1500 -
Made my way to pyramid with Alya. haha. Pergi makan. and then tangkap tangkap gambar lah en! best wooo. gila takde kerja.

psss gbr tak lawa sbb scanner tak cun kot.

Sunday, 110109, 0750 -
I cut my finger :) I unwittingly touched my dad's shaver when I was trying to reach the toothpaste. Seronok tengok darah keluar meleleh lelehh! But dalam gbr tu baru sikit. Haha. Bodo

Pergi picnic dgn Alya. hahaa. Sungai dia bapak sejuk weh. But it was fun lah !
Aww but unfortunately no pictures of sungai were taken.
Dekat camera Alya got-lah.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Every single year, citizens of The Earth must have their very own new year's resolution. Mine has been fulfilled last year. Teehee. And in this year, my new year's resolutions are

-to not be forgotten nor seperated by my friends.
-to work harder in school
-to become a better person hahaa
-to not sleep in class frequently xD
-to pay more attention in class rather than the previous year.
-to make many new friends tho im not good at it :/
-to find myself a perfect ambition.
-and if I were to move out from samtaj, lets just wish that im gonna be great, fine and okay over there and curriculum bagus hahaha [susah nk active kat smtaj. they wont even give a chance to us, bdk ulang alik. pity us :( ]

Keep your fingers crossed for me pleasee
and your new year's resolution is? hoho

Dearest 2008,

Goodbye, I will never ever gonna forget you.
Cause in you, so many things have happened to me.
I have met so many wonderful human beings in you.
I love my classmates, they're hilarious I tell you.
We gossiped there and everywhere.
Screamed at the top of our lungs.
Laughed and cried together xD
Yes yes, I will never ever gonna forget you.

Azmalihah (:

Aaaaand this is for you 2008! Hahah!