Thursday, October 30, 2008


didnt go to school for 2 days. hahaha best best. never follow the rules. so yesterday went to pyramid with alya, and we watched movie and we ate and bought few things i wanted. today, watched tv and tatau. so tomorrow, the last day of the week, i should go to school i guess. oh how i missed school, nooott. ok i have nothing to say now. and today was a sad day because my most favorite team from the amazing race asia has just been eliminated from the race. awww haha lame lame lameeee..

ini alya farzana kalau tak tahu.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to the world of blogspot

lol i couldn't think of any good idea for the title. first of all, this is the first time i have a blog. which means im a new blogger. hah. to be honest, i actually wanted to create this blog long long time ago, but since im busy for my pmr, i wont be able to do it. and finally, pmr is officially finished. and i can do whatever i want. yeehoo. ahaha and one more thing my beloved cousin, ili nabilah, demanded me to do this frigging blog. haha lol no offence. mmg nk buat pon what, okay back to the story, i didnt have fun at all after pmr like we're supposed to, you know, after tired of studying and anything. you know why? because i had to go to school every single day just for the sake of sijil tah pape tah. so i forced myself haha, teachers kept on saying to us, "ikhlaskan hati betulkan niat g skolah bla bla n bla.". soo apa-apa sahaja lah. duduk rumah pon bukannya buat apa pun kan, so pergi je la skolah. soo at school, the teachers have organized us some programs since before pmr fyi haha, some of it went well and overall it was quite okay. ceramah was so bosan gosh, everyone was like didnt bother what the teachers said. i mean like not everyone, but major la kot. and and one more thing, until now i havent got the chance to go shopping or anywhere where i can have fun or tgk movie or something except for going to people's open houses. ayoyo how pathetic. oh tkpe tkpe, lepas skolah tggu la. ngehehe.