Monday, July 20, 2009

When he smiless

Doodling is what I always do with farahin during the free period :) Lol

The picture below is based on a song -
Absolutely (story of a girl) by Nine Days.

Creative, isn't it ? Hahaa tah pape
More to come! Kalau rajin.

Sekolah as usual bosan saja.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Damn funny la wey, just now I went through my old comments on myspace. HAHA. Try look at yours, you might be laughing your ass off remembering all the stupid funny memories. How lame we used to be, trying to collect as many comments as you can. Kanak-kanak ribena!

Aaaand all of my songs in the ipod are now G-O-N-E. Courtesy of my eldest sister -______- Thank you for deleting my playlist on itunes. So right now I need to transfer all songs back into the ipod.

As you can see right now, I've been getting weird messages on my comment box. I wonder how in the universe did they find my so-not-famous blog.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Unbelievable, impossible, unimaginable, tongue-tied and completely speechless. *jaw drops*
So today's lesson is 'Don't and never ever ever judge a book by its cover'
Thankyou :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


recognize them? *winkwink*

I miss being a child again. Takde problem dude! All children know is to have fun. Haha i like Po, the red one, the most adorable one. Haha.

For those who have never heard of them, you guys were not really enjoying your childhood days as much as i enjoyed mine :) Ngehehee. LOL. Well, not necessarily. At least, mesti ada satu cartoon kan. Like babies / kids nowadays love to watch barbie lah, ben 10 lah, bosan siot. Have you ever noticed that?

Tadi kat sekolah lepak kat surau, makan mcd (mak fiza belanja) haha tak pergi koko. Lepas tu ada segerombolan pengawas form 5 datang suruh pergi dewan ada ceramah bodoh. Haha. Eh dia taknak ajak ke pengawas satu sekolah tu datang panggil kita orang? Baru gempak do. oh mental problem la.

tmorow got exam [physics, bm, addmaths,]. And yet, im still here, in front of the computer and its 11.32 pm already. Malas lah. Takpe boleh tiru :D

oh my, he talked to me. *blushing* LOL

angah came just now, i miss you so much :')

right now, im listening to Menunggumu by Peterpan. Kind of sad lah that song.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Yoyoyo what up? bangang suka la hati aku nk bubuh apa kat blog aku. This is MY blog, mine, my own! (haha tiru gollum dalam lord of the rings) You think you're so damn cool?
Oh.Emm.Gee. Get a life you sick-O, freak-O, lame-O, psych-O!
haha okay its nothing actually, i just feel like babbling. Its fun! Try lah.

You said bad things about stuffs and people like your the most perfect human being in this world. Well baby you are totally wrong. No one is perfect remember? (haha). Fine have it your way, do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say. Im not gonna stop you but just to remind you that, people have their own way of life okay. Buat apa nak cakap org tu lame or etc, if they don't even bother you? Suka lah hati diorang nak buat apa kan. Its their life, not yours. Its what they love, their passion. Sooo, m.y.o.b lah (lol). Mind Your Own Bussiness. Get it? Macam lah kau tu bagus sgt kan. Kau lagi lame kot. hahaha I'm not pointing this to anyone, its for general. Siapa yang terasa tu terasa lah. (hahaha) So-oh-rie. Jadi, today, one lesson has been learnt. :)

okay done babbling.
now i can hear someone's babbling from the downstairs.
I wonder what would that be.
Sounds serious. OO goosebumb.

Oh yes wanna hear a story?
This thing happened at school today.

Adul, adul. (bukan nama sebenar, nama disorokkan atas sebab tertentu)
Fuyoo buat tak layan
Selepas lelaki tak guna itu berjalan sebanyak 200metre (lebih kurang dihadapan BILIK GURU), ia pon toleh ke belakang dan berkata
Aku tak tahan dengan mulut pelacur mcm kau.

Kind of pissed when i heard that.
Oi babi, (sorry friends, when i'm mad, segala benda boleh keluar, same to all of you kan, in this case, orang tu yang cari pasal so don't blame me, blame the bad guy) pelacur kau kata? Kau tu dah la pengawas, perangai mcm setan, kutuk cikgu sana sini. Eh sabar apahal kau nak kata pelacur? Ada bukti ke bahlul? Ada kau nmpak org menggatal gila babi? Ada? Kau tau tk pelacur tu apa? Kalau tktau, pergi bukak dictionary, cari perkataan p-e-l-a-c-u-r boleh? Kalau dah tau, baru la fikir nak pakai ke tak perkataan tu. Tuhan dah bagi otak tak nak pakai. Hish dah besar gajah pon tktau. Jaga la mulut. Kau tu dah la nk SPM. Kau sedar tak berapa hari lagi? Kau yang babi menggatal ada lah, dating sana sinii. Aku tk kesah lah kan kalau kau nak ckp cmtu kalau kau ni ALIM WARAK MCM ULAMAK MUFTI SEMUA TUUU, mampus kau lah nak kata apa. Cermin diri dulu lah bang sebelum nak kata orang. Okay ? ish asshole. Azma, relax! Inhale, exhale. Pheuw. Paein kata mulut dia mmg mcm tu. Adoi. Aku tk tahu la anak beranak bini kau mcm mana nnti weh. Nasib baik ni bukan bulan ramadhan, hilang pahala.

Okay im feeling a lot better right now :)
I apologize for my rude, offensive and disrespectful language.
Minta maaf mama dan abah.
Saya tak sengaja. haha

woo i think this is is the longest post I have ever written. O.o
Haha aku kan rajin update blog ni kan adibah 2646? :P
hihihi jangan marah. Takde siapa tahu except for org yg dah tau :D
Au revoir people!

Monday, July 6, 2009


alahai sopan nya aku


Sunday, July 5, 2009

First attempt

Oh how i love playing with angah's camera :)
haha batak

meet fareeq :)


ni kucing mintak penyepak tau tak

thankyou kepada ILI NABILAH yang sudah banyak membantu (:
haha kembang kembang :8D

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yesterday, Angah, Ms Azua has safely and officially become Mrs Zammil :')
Overall, everything went well.
Thanks for coming.


Our side

fieza and zaf sangatlah fake tall :D HAHA
i was wearing heels earlier and then i changed to that because i just couldn't stand the pain .

Okay dah la tu, malas tiba-tiba :)
sambung nanti la ya.

Most of the pictures above were taken by moi :) (yes i know ugleh). Other pictures will be uploaded later. I'll collect pictures from different cameras then I'll post it right here, if i'm rajin enough to do it lah.

Okay kawan, ini gbr gedik ya :D

gbr gedik lain pun nnti bubuh,