Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 8: A place you've traveled to

Day 8, perfect coincidence post. So recently I just got back from Gold Coast, Australia babeh. Went there for a week. And I shall write more on this later once I've collected all pictures from diff sources :) 

And this ride here my friends, is called Superman Escape. Super fast, super awesome, super wicked that it gave me headache. First time I rode it, I didn't know why I was having headache until I rode it the second time. Because of its extreme speed, my head just wouldn't stop hitting the harness. Teehee, okay the end :D

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 7: Favorite movies

Right now

The Hunger Games Movie Poster

Other than that,

These movies, I don't mind watching em several times. 

Setengah tahun

I can't sleep. Suddenly the thought of writing a new post just hit me. So here I am, writing a new post. In 2012. Well it's been half a year I haven't written a single thing, been quite dusty in here isn't it? All those crappish chatbox thingy, they're the ones who have been keeping this blog alive. Thank you so much for that strangers lol. Just about 6 months, soooo many things have changed, I still don't know how this new blogger works. 

Since I haven't got myself a thing to do at the moment (cause right now I'm on holiday yaw, oh did I mention I've just finished my foundation? Yup almost 1 month.), I probably am gonna start blogging writing bebeling or whatever it is I wanna call it. I hope I can continue on like this, like back when I was still in high school (man saying that really makes me sound so old sobs sobs I'm ninteen this year), I always had something to write about. Maybe because I wasn't paying too much attention on blogging, that's why I ran out of words. 

Around 6 months left till I get to further my degree studies. (In what? Believe me, I myself am still not sure about it. Kill me.). 6 months to enjoy, 6 months to do anything while I'm still in my teen years. Lol bunyi macam apa je. So yeah I guess I should cherish every moment that I will go through by jumbling it all here. Cause my 1 year (last year) just went like that, cause I didn't make time for myself to write one. And I regret it. You know I find it really fun reading back all your old posts, flashing back the good old days memories, sharing it here so that anyone can see it, or maybe get to know me by seeing the way I express myself here. 

Now let's start, the first korean drama I started to watch during this period of time was Boys Over Flowers. Some recommended it, some didn't. I'm only watching it for the sake of Lee Min Ho. Hahaha. Pandai mamat tu belakon. But overall, cerita tu agak lembap that I had to fast forward it. Handsome, rich, spoilt brat guy meets dumb, okay-looking girl, they fall in love, something goes wrong, eventually they find their way back together. Very the cliche typical one. Cliche pun tengok jugak. Well, biar ah. 

 With this picture, I end my post.