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American Idol Season 9

One thing I like about American Idol is that every time a contestant gets through another stage, they will walk out of the room, they will be screaming joy and and laughing and hugging, and their  families and friends are also there to support them, and I like to see that. It makes me happy. HAHAHA.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thanks for acting like you care

I'm in the process of forgetting a part of my unwanted memories. And I never wanna look back again, I wanna forget the past, and just think about the future. Why would I wanna waste time on something that can never be changed anymore? But if it's possible, maybe I would like to start all over again. But yeah, let bygones be bygones right? Maybe I should let go everything and maybe that way, I can start a new life.  Yes yes. A newer and happier Azma. There's plenty of great things, awesome people, juicy news, are expecting for me outside there, it's just that I haven't found it. This world has much more to offer me. I deserve something better.

Moving on, I was supposed to hang out with the girlfriends and then netball with my cousin but then, everything had to be cancelled, my parents wanted to go to KL so yeah I had to follow. And we had lunch at the ship. And in commemoration of Chinese New Year, they gave out a souvenir for their customers but only for the kids. Guess what? They gave me one HAHA. It was a cute small-sized teddybear. Aw aren't they so sweet? They thought I was a child :') Meaning, I look young. HAHA.

P.s. You have no idea how you've made me feel.

11A+ so easy. Piece of cake.

Now I know who you are

I am cool, awesome, great, fabulous, fantastic, incredible, marvelous, amazing, spectacular, wonderful, extraordinary, magnificent, astounding, brilliant, superb, glorious, cheerful, happy, good, stunning, chilled, sophisticated, excellent, joyful, delighted, lucky, fortunate, outstanding, remarkable, tremendous, smart, thrilled, virtous, worthy, talented.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter

Pernah kah persoalan ini terlintas di kotak pemikiran anda apabila orang putih bila gosok gigi (yang anda tgk kat dlm tv tu) tak ada buih-buih putih? Adakah mereka tidak memakai colgate? Hanya tuhan saja yang tahu.

Tak percaya? Baiklah, saya akan buktikannya.

Alamak, tekaan saya meleset. Buat pengetahuan semua, ini kali pertama saya melihat org mereka pakai colgate, ah tak kiralah colgate ke apa ke. Wow rasa mcm nk muntah saje.

Never give up.

Haaaaa ini dia yang tak pakai colgate.


Konklusinya, tidak kira lah ada colgate ke tak, yang penting gosok gigi.
Okay sp tk gosok gigi lagi arini angkat tgn.
*angkat tangan, SAYA
Apa apa?
Sebab skrg pukul 12:14 AM So baru 14 minit untuk harini.
Kalau diikutkan, baru je 1 jam yang lepas gosok gigi.

Ayoo, phm tak?
Oh yes, Selamat Tahun Baru Cina :)
Kita kan 1Malaysia.

P.s. Wow lame nya saya,
P.p.s Dan bahasa yang begitu skema nak mampos = skempos. Ya motivator yang ajar time kem form 5.

Kisah kacang

Hello dan Salam 1Malaysia.

Perkara yang paling tidak disukai ialah
apabila kacang melupakan kulitnya.
Kacang itu kalau nk kena makan, kulitnya kena pisahkan dulu.
Pastu bila kacang itu dimakan ngan dikunyah ngap ngap
destinasi seterusnya pula ialah ke dasar perut.
Dan secara tidak langsung, kacang itu terus melupakan kulitnya.
Sebab kacang ada kawan baru. Siapakah?
Nama dia cacing, alah yang dekat dalam perut tu.
Then mainlah mereka bersama-sama dgn gembiranya
Bayangkanlah, kacang itu membesar dengan kulitnya.
Susah senang tetap together,
Dipancarkan cahaya matahari yang terik.
Ditimpa hujan ribut taufan katrina tsunami petir
Tapi bila kacang dimakan, kulit terus dilupakan
Tapi bila sampai masanya, kacang dah tak kawan ngn cacing lagi (Wah ada pengulangan anafora di situ)
Sebab apa? Sebab cacing pun tknk kawan ngn kacang (haha)
Lalu, kacang itu diberakkan drpd manusia yang makan dia tadi.
Kemanakah destinasi seterusnya kacang tersebut?
Mungkin diloji sampah, loji air taik semua tu?
Kita tidak tahu.
Mungkin di tempat pembuangan sampah?
Macam tidak.
Mungkin satu hari nnti kacang ngn kulit jumpa kembali?
Secara logiknya, kacang akan menghala ke arah loji air taik.
Dan secara logiknya, kulit pula akan mungkin berada di tempat pembuangan sampah.
Dunia loji dan permbuangan sampah sangatlah berbeza yg sgt ketara
So mereka memang tidak akan berjumpa lagi.
Mungkin kulit direcycle. Dipelbagai gunakan. (Ialah ekonomi meleset sekarang ni, semua benda kena jimat)
Sebab apa? Sebab kulit ni dia special sikit.
Sebab dia keras, boleh buat kertas? (APAKAH? Saje nk sedapkan bunyi)
Tinggallah kacang sengsorang ngn taik yang busuk tu, yuck.

Yeah begitulah ibaratnya mungkin.

 Ya itu dia wajah wajah kacang yang tk berapa sedap tu.
Sekian, terima kasih.

SPM 11A+

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kids nowadays

The secret revealed

*Okay mood bermotivasi sekejap
*ATTN, this post might be a long post but it might benefit us all if you read it, understand it and love it.

So today from now on,


Get it?
There's no 'no' in my dictionary.

Let me get clear about this,

I'm talking about The Secret. Now what is The Secret?

The secret is the law of attraction, it's an energy.
And as what you've learned, energy cannot be destroyed.
And likes attract likes
When you feel happy then you're attracting happiness, and vice versa. 
It responds to what you are thinking.
Just believe in yourself.
You can do whatever you want as long as you believe in yourself.
Don't ever let those horrible feelings let you down.

Have you guys ever said something like this,
I don't wanna be late for my class, but the next thing you know, you were being punished by your teacher for being late.


NO/NOT is a negative vibe.
You understand?
Instead of saying that, you should say I will arrive on time etc etc.

When you focus your thoughts on something you want, and you hold that focus, you are in the moment summoning what you want with the mightiest power in the universe. The law of attraction doesn't compute "don't" or "not" or "no", or any other words of negation. As you speak words of negation, this is what the law of attraction is receiving:

I don't wanna spill something on this outfit
I want to spill something on this outfit and I wanna spill more things

I don't want a bad haircut
I want a bad haircut

I don't wanna be delayed
I want delays

I don't want that person to be rude to me
I want that person and more people to be rude at me

I don't wanna catch the flu
I want the flu and I want to catch more things

I don't wanna argue
I want more argument

Don't speak to me like that
I want you to speak to me like that and I want other people to speak to me like that.

It's true what they said ,
So many quotes have been said but it is up to us to believe it or not.

Sometimes, what you don't want is what you get, the more you complain about it, the more you will get it. Ever realized it? And you wonder why it happened? Because the words of negation is there in that sentence - do NOT.

No means yes, remember? The universe only understands that.

Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it
When I grow up, The pussycat dolls.

  • You are what you think.
  • Thoughts are primary cause of everything.
  • Be very grateful
  • Say thank you
  • Just smile all the way
  • And never complain

3 main things (haha)
  1. Ask everything you want. 
  2. Start to believe that you are receiving it.  
  3. Pretend as though you have received it. 

    You really want that particular dress so badly (ASK). But too bad, it is out of stock and there's no perfect size for you. But don't worry, it will come to you as long as you do the 3 main things (hahaha). Try to imagine (BELIEVE) that you are wearing that dress (RECEIVE) and bla bla bla. And the next week you go to that shop, and poof there it is, your desirable dress, perfectly for you.

    Start thinking the positive way
    Let say that someone messed up with you and completely destroyed your mood, of course you will grumble about it, like moi hehe. Because the more you think about it, the worse it will get. THOUGHTS ARE PRIMARY CAUSE OF EVERYTHING. If you think the good way, then good things will come to you. While bad things, it will reflect its way back to you, like karma? Or what goes around comes around?

    It's all about what you think. That's what it is all about.

    Sometimes, when you feel sad or depressed or disappointed or devastated and you didn't put an effort to make it work out, then that's just it. You feel sad all the time.
    You're attracting negative vibe. Again, once you start to feel sad you are automatically attracting negative vibe to you whether you want it or not and then bad things will come to you, so what you have to do is immediately change your thoughts and feelings by thinking the other way round, like, happy :) or start reminiscing some good sweet old memories. It does work yes I've tried. Just think something positive. Force yourself to feel good.

    take a piece of paper, then write happy or anything you want as many as you can oh and you might wanna use colorful pen as it might be more interesting. Crazy as it might sound, but yes it works.

    And for someone who has low self-confidence or anything that has to do with that, you would probably wanna start to change the way you think. Just look at yourself in front of the mirror every morning before you go to school or anywhere, just say,

    I'm beautifully made, inside and oustide.
    I'm smart.
    I am confident.
    I can do anything I want.
    I'm unique.
    I have a good sense of humor.
    I'm brave
    And etc etc etc

    So you see, I AM is a very powerful word. Don't ask why, that's just how it functions. Like why does 1+1=2? Because THE ANSWER IS 2! There's no argument bout that. 

    Remember, don't put the words of negation in your sentence. Isn't that easy?
    And therefore, you will attract more positive vibes to you,
    somehow someday you're gonna be great. Just like me :) HAHA 

    Be grateful for everything that surrounds you, family, friends, teachers, pets, clothes and etc. Because if you don't then good thing won't come to you. But at the same time, it's not wrong to dream about what you wanna have. Just go for it, but always remember, to be grateful and say thank you.

    It's funny to me that once you've learned all these stuffs, you will realize that the message, The Secret is right before your eyes, and you just never realized it before. Even some artists have put it in their songs, movies and anything. Even Jim Carey had done it before and look at what he'd become (he wrote on a piece of paper, a replica of 10 million check. After a few years, he finally got it). Oh and so did Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Olympic Champions and many more I can't recall.

    Ahhhmazing huh? Well that's just how it works whether you know it or not. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

    If you're thinking that I am babbling about some shit, then you're wrong. Look, I'm not gonna waste my time writing this long post if it's not gonna work because it does. It happens to me every time.

    Need more explanation? Buy The Secret, yeah I think I have mentioned it a few times before. And above is what I've just summarized. I've learned my mistakes and I'm trying to not do it again. Good Luck and Thank you. 

    Any questions? HAHA


    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    You never know a good thing till it's gone

    Today, during recess, me and my friends (Alya and Khai) went to the toilet. While waiting for the other girls to finish their 'job', we waited outside, and then we met Gia, Syera and Husna. So here how the story goes,

    Okay! Understand? No. Okay.

    Gia accidentally and unintentionally brushed shoulders with Hisyam (oh he's in form 4 btw), who gave her this face

    (He was at point X in the picture above (notice that he was a few inches from Gia)),
    And Alya said, apahal?
    Then he took off, 
    but after a few seconds, he turned around and


    He was trying to throw his songkok at us. (TAKUT LAH SGT)
    Then he walked away.
    Then Khai, tak betul gila budak ni. 
    But then again,

     I was like, HUH APAKAH???
    Then he went off,
    So understand now?

    HAHAHA then all of us laughed like shit. He's an absolute Drama King. And that made our day a little brighter. LOL.