Tuesday, November 23, 2010


All the best everyone :)

This is what happens when you're bored. Okay tipu.
Sebenarnya tak puas hati sbb font atas sangat kecil eventho dah try the largest font but still mcm ciput. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Menjelang SPM

Yes, blog ni mmg dah macam nak mati.

This is basically my daily routine,
Amazing race 17 every monday. But since team Jumba just got eliminated, masa yang terluang akan dihabiskan dengan mungkin golek golek atas katil atau pun belajar. Tengok situation.

Amazing race asia every thursday. So masa spm dah start pun still boleh tgk lagi sebab fridays tak ada exam woooooo. Oh my god pengaruh amazing race sgt lah besar sampai termimpi mimpi masuk amazing race. Just imagine how awesome it would be to actually join the race and do all the bungy jumps and stuffs, like damn awesome maaan.

and then Giuliana &  Bill , glee. Itu suka hati bila nak tgk.

And now, if people come up to me and say,
 name one thing that you can't live without at the moment and my answer would be,
Believe it or not, every week, I'll drop by to Subang Parade, or ask my sister to buy it.
Every week - 200g
So its been 4 weeks, that means, I've consumed 800g of chocolate chip cookies within 1 month.
Oh my god. My sugar level will be high, but then thanks to glucagon for reducing my glucose level in the body.
Ceh amek kau dah terkeluar biology.

Oh speaking of biology, jom belajar.

Did you know that rabbits actually eat their own shit? Yeah they do. The shit you see is actually the shit after they eat their first shit. Gettit gettit? It means they poop 2 times. First time, they only poop fluid-like shit. And they eat that shit (to get the nutrients) and poop again. So that's the real shit you see. Dry and hard. Okay paham? Sukati kau lah tk paham. Bye.