Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hoo yeah

Emm hello,
unbelievable, serious i tell you.
Who in the world would actually believe that
a girl who's playful, sleepyhead, slow-moving, blur-blur and all that
could possibly score a magnificent result hahaa
which the girl thought it was hardly possible to achieve?
Oh my goat haha gedik. Yup thats me. *wink winkk*

:) Key to the success, (HAha)
I did whatever or anything that
a seriously smart, intelligent, brilliant, genius, brain-iac people wont ever do :)
Well yeah like the one that I have stated above.
Aren't those supposed to be the key to the failure? hahaaa.

And study smart not study hard.
You'll end up jadi gelabah .
just lepak jee, cool jee study. kan kan?
haha whatever-lah!

Thanks to Allah The Almighty for all this and everything.
And a big thank you I would like to say to my parents, teachers, family and friends
who would never stop helping me to accomplish straight A's. haahaa

Monday, December 29, 2008

PMR results

LMAO XD hahaaa

no word can express the feeling haahaa.
whatever the result is, I'll be fine with that.
I have done my very best ,

haha kena chill, baru cool. hohoo poyo

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm loving Angels instead

Sosososooo it has been quite a while since I last updated. So here's a quick update about me! Done nothing much during this school holiday. Just hanging out with friends and cousins. Holiday in Langkawi with family. Oh it was a blast! The end. Oh yes, I bought Harry Potter and the Sims 2 game. So commonly, I spend my time playing these games.

Pictures will be uploaded soon enough, right after my angah gets back from London.

Pmr results are coming out very soon. But still, I don't know when. So many predictions have been made. None of them are true. Aaannnddd THE Nightmares have begun!

zikrriiii! if it wasn't for you, i won't be updating this blog due to my laziness. ngehehehh

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tagged by Izzaty :)

1) My Top 10 Most Favorite Foods :
Mama buat
Spicy chicken mcdeluxe
Frozen foods
jco or big apple
--ahaha makanan tak sihat

2) Top 10 Things I Love Doing :
tv or movies
gelak tak ikhlas ha-ha
dance hahaha woot
nynyi :P
gaduh dgn kakakkkks ngehehe

3) 5 Things I Love Doing When I'm EMO
buat bodo
dgr lagu

4) Top 5 Types of Guys I Adore:
prasan bagus
yg poyo flirty sume tu
yg budget hot
yg pakai shades dkt dlm mall tu
prasan cool suma tu laahh
dan tidak lupa yg prasan Edward Cullen tu sheesh puh-lease! geli la
--oh my goat, i really really adore them *angel face*

5) 5 Things I Love Doing When I'm Happy :
kecoh kt suma org
tepok tgn (whaat?)

6) 5 Things I Wish To Happen :
result bagus
tak payah pergi PLKN
honeymoon dkt antarctica
nak jumpa Obamaa ke Britney ke Katy parry ke sp sp je lah
kerje bagos ngn salary byk. wohooho

7) My Top 10 Most Addicted Song : (currently)
So what
I hate this part
Just dance
Love bug
Just stand up
Hot and cold
D00ont forget
Waiting for yesterday

8) 5 People I Wish To Tag
Ili naBilahh
Alya FarzaNA
iLi syazana
kambeng la kot