Friday, October 7, 2016


Hi, long time no see. It's been 3 wonder years since I last updated this blog. So here I am, trying to start something I that used to love to do, while I have nothing to do now. Dulu kononnya nak update selalu supaya boleh tengok balik life mcm mana dulu haha tp pemalas ya ampun.

Dear blog, I've finally finished my degree years in engineering, something I'd never have thought I'd get myself into but I still did survive it hehe. So here comes the mereput day lol, job hunting, soul searching etc etc. Still tryna figure out what's best for me, masters or work. But let's not talk about it now haha. So one day, i decided that i wanna look back to my old days. And Ive found like lots and lots of my old photos luckily i still have them in my hard disk. They're basically photos of me during my teenage years (god tua nya rasa), drpd zaman skolah menengah and a bit of zaman sekolah rendah. And mostly during my uni years. Palam and Utm. Gosh I was such a camwhore freak back then (right now it is known as selfie lol).

And I've noticed that my skin color was sooooo different at that time. I was so dark like really really dark, I still remember that some of my friends would call me hitam legam (you know who you are) hahaha crush pun kurang ajar ejek sekali patutlah takde orang suka pun dulu TT. And as I get older, my skin color tend to get a little brighter. Takdela nak cakap skrg dah putih melepak gebu quputeh but dah okay la kot. Honestly, I was so so insecure with my skin sebab asik kena ejek so level of confidence pun jatuh merundum, and nobody would notice me (no one had a crush on me lololol, adela sorang ni tapi tktaulah*coughcough*), mcm in a group of people, i was that blacksheep (rasa mcm tersisih pun ada jgk from cikgu/certain people ye lah kita kan tak cantik, tak pandai pulak tu) but alhamdulillah I was blessed with no jerawat. Kalau ada pun, sikit sikit gitu. Dulu siap pernah doa lagi dkt Allah mintak putihkan kulit mcm masa kecik2 dulu hahaha noobnya because I was born with fair skin, and i desperately wanted them back haha. And also my skin is so sensitive towards sunlight that i could get burnt very easy. One time when I was 5 or 6 y/o,  I went to the beach and the whole day I spent my time there so mmg terbakar habis muka entahla so since that my skin was dark sampailah zaman sekolah and dah besar. But i think, normal la kan zaman skolah mmg la hitam sebab selalu keluar panas panas semua tu. And then masuk plkn pulak mmg hitam la cerita dia setahun nak hilang belang kat muka tu. My mama would say, nanti dah besar nanti okay la kulit and I didn't wanna believe sebab mcm lama gilaaa Lagipun tgk ramai jugak orang yg ada kesah sebegini haha and plus pakai pencuci muka apa pun tak jadi. But lama lama, mmg akan ok kulit tktau mcm mana it just worked. And, I do not take any supplements mind you. Time just heal you know haha kena bersabar je hehe. Kena rajin minum air masak. It's true what people always say, air masak is the best. Siap boleh increase metabolism so bolehlah kurus sekali haha. And also I've learnt that putting yogurt on your face as mask could heal your sunburn. Hm oklah tu je lah bye. Hahahaa. Whatever it is, having a fair skin is not everything. As long as there's somebody out there who is willing to accept you just the way you are then it's more than enough. Thank you to everyone who sticks by me

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Dah la, gua give up jawab 30 day challenge ni ha. Drpd tahun lepas lepas sampai ke tahun lepas sampai ke tahun ni memang dah ke laut la cerita dia. K. Hahaha so im just gonna write whatever and whenever i want to. Peace.

Day 12: Something you don't leave the house without

Well this is easy, my phone, my ipod, my bag and my purse :) The essentials.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 11: Favorite tv shows

None other than, Glee! Reason being is that Ive been following this series since the first episode aired and so I always find myself a time to watch every episode up till now season 5. But ever since the passing of Cory Monteith, the show isnt the same anymore as it used to be before, I couldn't imagine how lea could go through everyday of her life knowing that her boyfriend is gone forever. You know, everyday you'll go to your work place and youre gonna see the same people all the time then suddenly at one point, one person disappears. It's just utterly sad imagining that. Urgh I just cant. The tribute episode to Cory Monteith was brilliantly and beautifully made. Those tears were real and aint fake. I just looveee Santana's If I die young and Rachel's make you feel my love.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raya 2012

Our family tree is growing every single year :3

Sedikit menyesal

So as I was reading my old posts, I just realized that there aren't many posts for the past 2 years I don't know why yeah malas la kot. And I realize that it's kind of a waste, you know what I'm sayinn bro? No okay. It feels like my life is so boring right now I can't even, heeeeeeeeeuuk. Okay I hereby declare that I truly madly deeply (lol) regret for not being able to update my blog regularly everytime I had the chance to do so, and for that I am not able to look back at the old days when I had 6 months of break and that's the price I had to pay for my lack of awareness towards this lovely blog of mine. Sighhhhhh. 

Amboi bukan main panjang menyesal. 

This totally sucks you know. I couldn't even remember what I did for the past 6 months. AAAAAAAAaAaaaaaaAa. I feel like I don't appreciate my 6 months of break. Takpalah deep down inside we all know that I do appreciate my holiday haha. I still have my instagram, and twitter so yeah boleh la jugak kira mcm update blog la jugak tu kan haha. Oh ya have I mentioned that I'm kinda having a short term memory loss syndrome? Hahaha yeah it's not that serious or even chronic. Hmm ada la few names I already forgot (my bad). I'll be like, 'eh apa nama dia eh'. And a simple maths problem yang fraction yang budak darjah satu tahu pun I couldn't even solve. Vat iz happning braaaaaaaaaain? Too rusty eh? Just you wait brain, a lot of assignments are coming right up, juz yu weit. This is what will happen your brain has been resting for quite a long time.

I know so many times I said I'm gonna update more often this holiday but apparently ... .. .. kruk krukk.. *sapu habuk* ehuk ehek. Hahaha tak lawak. Okay la okay la this time mesti kasi rajin punyaaaaaaa. Janji janji. For your own pleasure in the future alright. 

Oh lupo nok ceghito, ambo dok uitm ambo cepak betol berat badan tamboh. Lagu mano tok gemok doh dok stress belajo, pah male duk make lagi aloh la, Semuo oghe doh tegor cemano azma ni gemok do'oh, tapi skaghe ni ambo doh stable sikik kot hahahahaha. Kbaiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

P.s. I just got an idea. Muehehe. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 10: Something you're afraid of

What am I afraid of? Poisonous dangerous insects like bees, creepy scorpions, and spiders. And also wild dogs. 

I'm also afraid of being alone, not that kind of alone. Alone like when you have no one else to talk to when you're at a new place where you know no one. I'll be going to UTM next week. And that means I have to start all over again, I have to start making new friends once more. It's not like I'm against the idea of it but I'm just afraid if I won't be able to find someone yang sama kepala with me. 4 years man 4 freakin yearrrrrs in Johooooooooor. But then to think of it again, I did survive PLKN all by myself (none of my schoolmates got the same place where I was) but hey on the bright side, I got to meet new awesome friends and they are all very helpful :) And then alone I was again at Palam, not practically alone cause I still had some of my schoolmates who went there but we're not that close so yeah I was half alone, lol. 

So yeah, there will always be awkward moments right, especially on the first day of registration haha. But hey I survived everything before didn't I? And I definitely will survive again. Hopefully everything will go smooth, insyaAllah aamin :) 

P.s. I still have other things that I'm afraid of but I shall not talk about it hehe cause it doesn't even bring us any good now does it? Haha let's not focus on the negative side :3