Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 10: Something you're afraid of

What am I afraid of? Poisonous dangerous insects like bees, creepy scorpions, and spiders. And also wild dogs. 

I'm also afraid of being alone, not that kind of alone. Alone like when you have no one else to talk to when you're at a new place where you know no one. I'll be going to UTM next week. And that means I have to start all over again, I have to start making new friends once more. It's not like I'm against the idea of it but I'm just afraid if I won't be able to find someone yang sama kepala with me. 4 years man 4 freakin yearrrrrs in Johooooooooor. But then to think of it again, I did survive PLKN all by myself (none of my schoolmates got the same place where I was) but hey on the bright side, I got to meet new awesome friends and they are all very helpful :) And then alone I was again at Palam, not practically alone cause I still had some of my schoolmates who went there but we're not that close so yeah I was half alone, lol. 

So yeah, there will always be awkward moments right, especially on the first day of registration haha. But hey I survived everything before didn't I? And I definitely will survive again. Hopefully everything will go smooth, insyaAllah aamin :) 

P.s. I still have other things that I'm afraid of but I shall not talk about it hehe cause it doesn't even bring us any good now does it? Haha let's not focus on the negative side :3

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